In my opinion, most people in our modern western civilisation, both within, but primarily outside the church, if confronted with the Lords words here, would fail to comprehend the significance of His statement, for no reason other than ignorance born of indifference. Not that one might expect the untrained mind, as a matter of course, to pick up on the almost metaphorical nature of the Lord's words, as, besides displaying love for His church, but also referring to traditional Jewish Marriage Customs.

Accordingly, it would be appropriate at this point to overlay the words of scripture above, with these customs in order to grasp the significance of the Lord's commitment to come back for His betrothed, and take her (the church) to a place prepared for them in His Father's house:-


Traditional Jewish Marriage Customs as they apply to Jesus Christ and His church.

The initial primary step in a Jewish marriage was the Betrothal.
This required the prospective bridegroom to initiate the establishment of a marriage covenant

He would travel from his father's house to the home of his prospective bride, in order to negotiate with her father a just and fair price for his daughter's hand.

Once the bridegroom paid the negotiated price agreed to, the covenant was established and the couple were considered from this time forward to be husband and wife, and the bride was declared consecrated or sanctified, and set apart exclusively for the groom.

As a symbol of the covenant relationship between them, the bride and groom would drink from a cup of wine, over which a betrothal benediction had been pronounced.

Once the marriage covenant was in place, the groom would leave the home of his bride, return to his father's house, and remain separated from his bride for a period of twelve months.

The bride would busy herself during this separation, gathering together her trousseau and generally preparing herself for married life.

Meanwhile, the groom would busy himself preparing suitable accommodation for he and his bride, in his father's house. The plan was that he should complete his task by the end of the separation period, return to his bride's home, secretly snatch her away. and take her back with him to share the place prepared for her.

Traditionally, the snatching away of the bride usually took place at night. The groom in company with his best man and other male attendants, would conduct a torchlight procession to the home of the bride.

This was a time of great excitement and anticipation for the bride, for although she knew her betrothed was coming for her, she had no way of knowing the exact time of his coming.

Accordingly, the groom's arrival would be preceded by a shout, thus alerting the bride that the groom is coming. After the groom was reunited with his bride, she, together with her attendants and the whole wedding party would be lead by the groom back to his father's house.

Upon arrival the wedding party would be met by the host of wedding guests who had assembled to greet them.

Soon after arrival, the bride and groom would be escorted to the bridal chamber by other members of the wedding party.

All this time, the bride has remained veiled, so no one could see he face.

While the groomsmen and bridesmaids wait outside, the bride and the groom would enter the bridal chamber alone, where they would enter into physical union for the first time. Thus the marriage which had been covenanted earlier would be thereby consummated.

Anyone who argues against the doctrine of a rapture for the church in accordance with John 14: 1-4 and 1 Thess 4: 16-17, IMO is a false teacher who doesn't rightly divide the word of truth, and such a one would have a need to question their “born again” status. The Apostle Paul, during his own lifetime often spoke of the soon return of Christ to rescue His bride, so that although Paul was out on the timing, his doctrinal belief was nonetheless spot on accurate.

In my opinion, this metaphorical application of the Jewish marriage tradition to the rapture of the church of true believers, provides us with the most powerful case in support of the rapture doctrine available; which in combination with all the other scriptural evidence available, makes a overwhelming  case as to the veracity of the bible's doctrine on the subject; providing all but the timing of the rapture which fits the custom.

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