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 When does something new become old?

Quite simply, when it has been around long enough to have lost it's gloss or freshness. But does this apply in the case of a conspiracy.

Well, Yes!, but there is a third dimension which needs to be taken account of when considering whether the object of a conspiracy remains fresh and new, thus warranting the use of the expression 'NEW' as in 'New world Order' (NWO). This third dimension has two aspects. The first, but not the most important, is the length of time which has elapsed since the conspiracy was first muted or publicised, OR how old it is? The second and by far the most important consideration, is the level of exposure the conspiracy has suffered at the hands of all forms of media, and over how long a time period. Obviously, the more exposure involved, the more likely will be the case, that not only a large proportion of the general population will be aware of the conspiracies existence, but more importantly, a greater number would likely believe it to be true. If my memory serves me well, I believe it was either "Hitler" or one of his decrepid Lieutenants who declared: "If one was to repeat a lie often enough with regularity it would ultimately be accepted as truth." Even I would add, by the instigator of the lie.    

I first became seriously interested in, and aware of the NWO having read (in the early 70's) a book titled 'None dare Call it Conspiracy' authored by Gary Allen. Of the many books I have read over the years, this book, along with 'On Route to Global Occupation' written by Gary Kah, remain two of the most insightful and authentic books I have read on the NWO, and last time I looked were both still in print and available through Amazon today should anyone be interested.

At the time, as I recall, the NWO was still being referred to as a conspiracy 'theory',but in a little less than 50 years later, it is no longer referred to as a theory. Because of the level of exposure in recent years, largely through the willingness of activists to spread the word, there is now fool blown acceptance that the NWO conspiracy is in fact real; and due to the fact that it's roots are so old, with it's modern incarnation stretching back to the 17th century, and it's original roots going back as far as Babylon, I personally consider it somewhat of a misnomer, to call it the New world Order, rather than the “Old New World Order”. Like going back to the future.

It gives me pleasure to introduce you to a very special guest presenter more than qualified to address us on this subject. Jan Markell is almost a houshold name in American Christian radio circles.  She is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries, which promotes arguably, the largest Bible prophecy conference in North America. Her books and CD's have proved wildly popular, and her radio ministry has expanded to more than 800 stations via the huge radio network system right across the USA. For more on Jan please click on the acknowledgements tab. Thank you Jan.

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